Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Morgan Plus 4: Now for sale to a good home.

We enjoy living in rural Connecticut but the winter months do tend to drag on a bit. But when spring arrives we are rewarded with having some of the best country roads to enjoy a proper British sports car. So the cover is off the Morgan and no surprises. I keep it my wife's studio so the temperature never gets below 50 degrees. It fired right up and we went out for a little ride up the road. No drama just a perfect precursor to a wonderful season.

What a great season it is. Now September, the evening chill is a welcome relief to a hot summer day. This weekend I took the Mog to Lime Rock Park to watch the Rolex Vintage Races. A great event and a chance to see Morgans on the track at full race speeds. Of course my Morgan attracts a lot of attention where ever we go. I enjoyed the races but I am not sure if I enjoyed the drive to and from better. What a fine running sports car. Unusually tight and well behaved. But I must part with it and it is available for local, domestic sale or I will ship overseas. Morgans of this quality are rare anywhere. Email me if you are interested. I have many unbiased experts in the area that can perform a pre-purchase inspection. I can also upload a video to YouTube for you to see. too.