Tuesday, November 28, 2006

A Leap of Faith for a Sweet Speedster

This car was found by a fellow in Pollock Pines California while browsing at a garage sale. He noticed an open Porsche in the backyard under a covered porch. The fellow put a message on Pelican parts asking what an open car was worth. I contacted him telling him I would purchase the car and give him a finders fee. He agreed and went to the owners house and left a note offering to purchase the car. There was no response for months. I tried him again and he tracked down the owners place of work an spoke to him directly. He offered him the amount I suggested. he declined and said he wanted to keep the car. I asked him not to give up and raised the price to twelve thousand. It sparked his interest and he stated there was another party interested and he would have to contact him first. To make a long story short it went back and forth to 20,000. I ended up with the car and it is in my garage waiting for resto to begin Jan 2007. The first picture is the one he sent me from his phone if you look way in the background you can see just the top of the windshield. That is what I used to make my decision.