Friday, August 04, 2006

'66 Mercedes-Benz 250SE Cabriolet, Los Angeles 2 Connecticut

When you drive this particular car, you really have a sense of what Mercedes-Benz was all about. You glide effortlessly using the three pointed star as your compass. I discovered this particular car lakeside in a small affluent town in rural Litchfield County, CT. The owners brought her here from years spent in southern California where its current owners lived. They are in the film business and so it was a frequent visitor to studios throughout Los Angeles.
Her devoted owners need to consoldate there collection of cars to only the most necessary so they asked me to find the Cabriolet a new home. It has always been lovingly maintained with no evidence of rust or accident damage. It is a driver so there are some cosmetic issues typical of a 40 year old car but nothing major. It shows 65,000 miles and it may be accurate. They have service records back 20 years which tracks on target. It has been recently serviced and drives great.
If you have interest in this Cabriolet, give me a call. (203) 417-6856 SORRY, SOLD!