Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Studio GT

This, my friends, is a one-off Italian GT designed and built by Neri & Bonacini in the late '60s. I'll get more details on the car but it is a rear-engine configuration with Lancia power. The car is a runner although it hasn't been seen in public for quite a few years. The owner's have a treasure trove of all things Italian and I'll be posting about them more frequently.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

My Alfa Romeo GT1300 Junior Find

I starting looking for an Alfa Romeo "Scalino" or step-nose about nine months ago. A new obsession I guess. Step nose refers to the depression or "step" that leads from the nose to the edge of the hood. Giorgetto Giugiaro designed this little detail in as it was his first assignment as a designer at Bertone. It was abandoned in 1967 for GTVs and in 1970 for Juniors. The Scalinos are prized by collectors. I followed the usual methods using marque specific bulletin boards and contacting friends in the business. Through the Alfabb.com board, I met an internet friend also looking for a step-nose. He had been looking longer than me and had seen pretty much every car I had a shred of interest in. He called me to tell me he had bought a car in Buffalo, NY. Not a likely place for any sports car (no letters please). A week later, he called again telling me he passed on the car because the seller had lost all of the paperwork verifying it as a low-mileage two-owner car. I was free to open a dialogue with the seller if I didn't care about provenance. I bought the Junior sight unseen later to find out the paperwork was found.

Upon Arrival

How did it get like that?

It arrived and it was a bit scruffier than I had hoped but it ran nicely. The interior was soaked so I immediately threw out the jute mats and dried as best I could relieved to find a solid floor in the process. Like all obsessive people, I embarked on a quick refurbishing with the help of my friend Mike. I've got the interior and exterior where I want it and I await a slot at Alfas Unlimited in Norfolk, Conn. to get the front suspension and brakes re-built.

Keith Goring, a well regarded Alfa pro, drove the Junior and deemed it pretty cool and very original. That further verifies the low mileage for any skeptics.

Since I had the original owner's
information, I decide to reach out for him. What a nice man. He was happy to hear his much loved Alfa has a good home. He owned it for 34 years accumulating only 36,000 miles primarily because he always had a job that came with a company car. A week after he purchased the Junior at a Toronto dealership he lost his job. To tide him over during the next job search he sorted mail at the Toronto Post Office.

Outside Done

I heard about "year of manufacture" license plate permits from my friend Mike. If I could find a set of plates from 1970 I could drive legally with them on. I posted a wanted ad on Craigslist and got a call about 20 minutes after the post. I now have a pristine pair mounted on the Alfa and it really completes the restoration.

What is it?

Taken in Garmisch, Germany in 1956…

Monday, February 22, 2010

Almost a Classic but What a Find?

Okay, I know what you're thinking. "That isn't a classic". But if you love Land Cruisers like I do you'll appreciate this find for what it is. About 4 years ago, I visited the home of a local collector in New Preston, CT. He has about 15 cars, mostly Porsches and Mercedes-Benz. That's why I went to visit his garages. I wanted to see some cool cars. But in garage number 3, parked in front of a low mileage 560SL (3,800 miles) sat this beautiful, fully equipped, 1993 Land Cruiser. In his family since new, it had accumulated only 62,000 miles and was PERFECT in every way. Again, if you know Land Cruisers, 62,000 is break-in miles for one of these beasts. I asked if he would ever part with it and the answer was a resounding NO!

Well, 4 years later, he calls me and says he wants to sell the Cruiser. I was there that afternoon with a check. Now, after selling my old red 1987 FJ60, I am back in the Land Cruiser family. This time with A/C, Sirius Satellite radio, disc brakes, ABS and the very rare front and rear diff locks. I am very happy.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Morgan Video!!!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Norway comes through with a great one!

This October 1943 Kubel spent all it's life with one family since being sold at post-war auctions here in Norway in 1946. Parked in a barn from 1961-1995. Behind this garage from 1995 until May of 2008. I finally managed to buy it after several years of persuation. Matching numbers, including the engine.

Attached is also a picture from the old family album, showing this car in use.

Oystein Asphjell

Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Morgan Plus 4: Now for sale to a good home.

We enjoy living in rural Connecticut but the winter months do tend to drag on a bit. But when spring arrives we are rewarded with having some of the best country roads to enjoy a proper British sports car. So the cover is off the Morgan and no surprises. I keep it my wife's studio so the temperature never gets below 50 degrees. It fired right up and we went out for a little ride up the road. No drama just a perfect precursor to a wonderful season.

What a great season it is. Now September, the evening chill is a welcome relief to a hot summer day. This weekend I took the Mog to Lime Rock Park to watch the Rolex Vintage Races. A great event and a chance to see Morgans on the track at full race speeds. Of course my Morgan attracts a lot of attention where ever we go. I enjoyed the races but I am not sure if I enjoyed the drive to and from better. What a fine running sports car. Unusually tight and well behaved. But I must part with it and it is available for local, domestic sale or I will ship overseas. Morgans of this quality are rare anywhere. Email me if you are interested. I have many unbiased experts in the area that can perform a pre-purchase inspection. I can also upload a video to YouTube for you to see. too.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Fast Cars of California

I've known of Mike Long for some time. I even tried to buy an E-Type Coupe from him a few years back but I missed the opportunity. He's had some great experiences searching and finding those super, rust-free California cars we all dream about. Now he has added these stories to his site for all of us to enjoy.

How about finding Ricardo Montalban's XK150 in someone's backyard? How cool is that!

Take a look at the rest at Mike's site.