Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Morgan Motor Cars

I've always wanted a Morgan...not sure why. Perhaps it was that Plus 4, 4-seater I walked past on my way to work in Brooklyn Heights. I thought to myself that if a person would endure all of the hassles of driving an English sports car every day than it must be quite an experience.

Now 25 years later I have my Morgan (and an BMW X3 as backup) and the romance is budding. I'm really getting to know my '65 Plus 4, Roadster as I disassemble it for paint. How incredibly simple can a car be if there are no concerns for human safety. Thoughts of a preoccupied mom barreling down on you in a Suburban come to mind. Yes, I guess all you need is a seat cushion or two tossed into the car. Why not put it on a wooden box for additional comfort? Jolly good idea. Back rest adjustment you say? Just loosen a few bolts and move the wood bar back a few inches.

I sent an email to The Morgan Motor Company to find out a little information about my car. The next morning, an email arrived with everything I could want. My new friend even offered to help should I need anything else. A week later, I received a certificate from Charles Morgan, grandson of H.F.S Morgan, confirming the information. Try that with Porsche. They are too busy trying to buy Volkswagen.

So now I'm hunting for a proper steering wheel, the original having been replaced by a previous owner. I'm sure that's not the only thing I'll need.


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