Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Kentucky Bronco

My father-in-law knew I was a fan of early broncos - and he stumbled upon this about 10 minutes from his house. So, he called me one day a few weeks ago and asked if I wanted to help him on a "project" and kind of chuckled. That weekend, he drove me to this old barn in the middle of eastern Kentucky, stopped, and said - "look inside." After I quit smiling, we agreed to split the cost and take it home. We got an amazing deal...

These photos were taken the day we pulled it out of the barn - and everything is covered in years of barn crud. Fired up on the first try and we drove it home...we have it currently hidden in the mountains of eastern Kentucky as we begin the journey.

Any thoughts on where to begin or what to do first? We're going to get the engine running strong and replace all the fluids, transmission/rear-end and begin from there.

The fun part should be watching a retired engineer and an illustrator/graphic designer work on this project together. I'm looking forward to working on the truck, and more importantly spending the time with him.



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